Dillinger Piano Service

Steinway model M (5'7")

circa 1916, totally restored

In this example of my work no details were overlooked in the restoration of this vintage Steinway and only the highest quality workmanship and materials were used.
Suitable for professional use. This piano looks and plays like new and is good for another lifetime of service. Truly very fine.

The following is a list of repairs:

  • New finish - Steinway Satin Ebony
  • Re-plated hardware - polished nickel
  • New Soundboard & Bridge Caps
  • New Pinblock
  • New Strings and Agraffs
  • New Steinway Hammers
  • New Repetitions
  • New Shanks and Flanges
  • New Back Checks
  • New Damper Action & Damper Felts
        & Rebuilt trap work
  • Plate refinished and detailed
  • Matching benches availible.
  • To discuss piano restoration please call 206-381-3074

    This piano is finished in Steinway black satin lacquer. The piano was stripped, repaired, filled and sanded. Then, miltiple coats of lacquer were put on and sanded down resulting in the beautiful classic finish

    Solid brass nameboard lettering added

    nickel plated hardware

    Nickel was the original material used for the hardware on this piano. The hardware was removed, the old plating removed and all new very high quality polished nickel plating was put back on all the hardware.

    New Soundboard & Bridge Caps

    Nothing like a new Sitka spruce soundboard to fully restore the pianos fullness and the power of sound. Much better than a tired old (saved)soundboard. Looks much better too!

    New Pinblock

    Only the finest quarter sawn maple pinblock used. Perfect for older Steinways
    This repair will last like new.

    For more information on pinlocks see my acticle on pinblock quality

    New Strings and Tuning Pins with new Agraffs

    New Steinway Hammers & Repetitions

    New Shanks and Flanges and Back-checks

    New Damper Action with current design pitman

    Plate refinished and Detailed

    New Plate Felt installed

    Matching Jansen Artist Bench

    Finest quality and fully adjustable

    Last updated 26.10.2007